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Tankless Water Heater

Tankless era solar water heater welcomes new development Recently, the reporter learned that the new phase change heat collector system has broken the traditional way of storing solar energy. The combination of new materials and new technologies makes solar Water Heater bid farewell to the “water tank” era. Industry experts believe that the solar WATER HEATER after “going to the water tank” can be said to be the opening of a new product, which may trigger a new round of solar water heater industry revolution. Last year, the overall collapse of the solar water heater market was expected to be reversed.

Recently, Huang Ming shares launched 4 new solar water heaters. Compared with previous products, all new products have adopted the latest phase change heat-collection system technology. It is understood that the result of the phase change heat collector system technology is the manufacture of an all-glass heat pipe collector, which locks the heat generated by the collector in the phase change energy storage material, which is the top of the all-glass heat pipe, and then allows water to flow through the entire glass. At the top of the heat pipe, the overheated area of the cold water in this process is large, the path is long, the heat collection efficiency is very high, and the heating is realized quickly, and the instant heating is realized. Even in the cold winter, as long as there is the sun, hot water can be used on the same day.

Because of this heating method, the instantaneous heating method similar to the Gas Water Heater is just the instantaneous heating of the gas into solar energy storage and heat transfer release, making the solar water heater bid farewell to the water tank, as long as the water inlet and the natural water pipe can be connected .

Although the principle of heating seems relatively simple, in fact its technical content is extremely high. Zhang Lifeng, research and development director of Huangming Solar Energy Co., Ltd., told reporters that the new technology was developed independently by Huang Ming. It took four years and the entire phase change investment in R&D funds was as high as tens of millions of yuan. There are two main aspects, one is the choice and matching of phase change materials, and the other is how to combine solar thermal applications.

It is worth noting that, in addition to liberating water tanks, the new technology also solves a bigger problem, eliminating the occurrence of water leakage problems and enabling solar water heaters to enter an era of waterless heating.

It is understood that there are some communities in the city that prohibit the installation of solar water heaters. The main reason is that once a solar water heater leaks, it will greatly affect the user's life. Because of traditional solar water heaters, the water is passed through the vacuum tubes inside each collector, so that as long as a vacuum tube breaks, the entire water heater will not be used, and the water in the tank will completely leak out. The all-glass heat pipe collector is isolated from the water. Even if the single-all-glass heat pipe is damaged, the system can still operate and water leakage will not occur.

In terms of market positioning, Zhang Lifeng also stated that the launch of new products is mainly aimed at the urban market. “The prices are slightly higher than the same products by 30%-50%. I personally hold optimistic confidence in the future market.” In addition, Huang Ming will release several new products in the later stages, aiming to recapture the city water heater market.

For the market prospects of “waterless tank” solar water heaters, household appliance industry observer Hong Shibin also expressed optimism that he believes that upgrading water tanks, eliminating leaks and improving product reliability will attract the attention of many urban consumers. However, if you want to make solar water heaters impact the dominance of the market, the key lies in how to solve the problem of installation and placement of collectors.

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