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How about a Range Hood ? Range hoods, also known as range hoods, are kitchen appliances that purify the kitchen environment. It is installed above the kitchen health energy-saving range hood stove. It can quickly remove the stove burning waste and cooking fumes that are harmful to the human body during the cooking process, discharge it outdoors, reduce pollution, purify the air, and provide protection against poison and explosion. effect. Hoods need to be cleaned regularly, simple cleaning is not deal with oil, cleaning hood must use a professional cleaning agent for cleaning. Here is a good hood for everyone - Haier hood. Here I come to give you details on how Haier range hoods , Haier range hood models offer.

How about Haier hood

Haier range hood products are also varied, side suction, touch buttons, T-shaped, etc., Haier's range hood brand was also rated as the top ten domestic hood brand, Haier range hood products are also guaranteed In quantity, like other domestic first-line brand hood products, the price of Haier range hood products is also higher than the average brand.

Haier Range Hood Market Evaluation

The brand is now not the core competitiveness of the range hood market, consumers are still looking at the quality of the product. From the market point of view, as long as the consumers who choose to purchase Haier hood products are satisfied, the performance and quality assurance of the products play the most important role. Haier's own product design is also relatively simple, so Haier hood is also ranked in the top ten in range hood sales charts.

Haier range hood models Daquan

Model Reference Price (RMB) Model Reference Price RMB

Haier CXW-200-DC50 2400 Haier CXW-200-DC93 3900

Haier CXW-200-JH901 1000 Haier CXW-200-JC30D 1500

Haier CXW-200-JC931 1600 Haier CXW-200-JC15 800

Haier CXW-200-JC30G 2200 Haier CXW-219-J67V 1250

Haier CXW-200-JC10 1150 Haier CXW-180-JS721 800

Haier CXW-219-JT901A 1550 Haier CXW-200-DC931 2200

Haier CXW-200-DC93E 3700 Haier CXW-219-D68V 3400

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Hoods purchase tips

A high-quality range hood, five-step smart pick

1, see the gathering ability

Hood is not as good as the suction force, but it is able to effectively collect smoke dust at the same time with large suction force, thereby reducing the troubles of instantaneous scattering of oil fumes and achieving full oil absorption.

2, measuring smoke capacity

A good range hood can not only quickly remove soot, but also quickly discharge smoke outside the room. The key to smoke extraction capacity lies in the fume extraction capacity and flue design of the hood, which can be experienced through actual trials.

3, listen to smoking noise

For homes that are often home-cooked, hearing is also severely damaged in a noisy environment for long periods of time. Hood smoking noise is also an important factor in the purchase, generally less than 50 decibels.

4, check the filter capacity

The degree of grease separation in the hood also measures the cleanliness of the hood. The hood with strong grease separation capability can fully filter the fumes inside the machine, thereby reducing the accumulation of soot inside the product and reducing the number of cleanings.

5, the amount of smoke machine

Different smoke machines have different body sizes and sizes, and they are also suitable for different decoration environments. When the kitchen space is small, it is more suitable to select a product with a smaller volume and avoid occupying too many positions.

Hooding machine to buy errors

1. Is the air volume strong?

There is no direct relationship between the air volume and the suction of the hood. Some hoods advertise the air volume of their products constantly. However, the suction effect is not measured by the single element of air volume, but the integrated flue pressure, grease separation, Total pressure efficiency, anti-inverting ability to comprehensively measure.

2, free washable = do not clean it?

There are more and more household appliances that are not being washed and washed, and the range hood is no exception. However, the free-washing products do not mean that they do not need to be cleaned at all, but merely extend the cleaning cycle further. Oil fumes are pervasive. When the hood is used for a long time, the interior will naturally accumulate a lot of dirt. Therefore, although the product itself is marked with no-wash-and-wash, periodic inspection is still required, but it is much longer than the circumference of the ordinary range hood.

3, cavity design is not important?

The cavity design is also one of the important factors that determine the fume extraction capacity of the hood. On the one hand, it needs to be seamless and easy to clean. At the same time, it must also be able to protect the circuit and ensure the service life of the hood. Make sure that our use and cleanliness do not leave dead ends. Therefore, it is also very important to look at the cavity design when choosing a hood.

Editor's summary: The above is how the Haier range hood expert guidance: inventory of those large amount of air range hood related introduction, Chinese cooking more fried to fry, fumes is difficult to avoid, so a good range hood is the kitchen Essential piece of electrical appliances. If you don’t want to get full house smoke every time you cook, just follow the above teaching methods and choose a powerful high-quality range hood!

Range hood Haier hood

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